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HAZOP Studies

This online course covers the concepts and techniques of the Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Study methodology, including related matters of preparation, team meeting facilitation and reporting. It includes worked examples and references to additional resources.

Attendees will learn the anatomy of process safety incidents including process hazard analysis terminology, the basic HAZOP Study approach to developing potential incident scenarios, the estimating of scenario risk as a means to determining the adequacy of safeguards, the application of the HAZOP Study method to procedure-based operations, and the logistical aspects of planning and executing a HAZOP Study team review.

This course is the culmination of over 25 years of teaching and employing the HAZOP Study methodology in a variety of process industries, by the lead contract author of CCPS’ Guidelines for Hazard Evaluation Procedures, Third Edition and the instructor of the course "CCPS' HAZOP Studies and other PHA Techniques for Process Safety and Risk Management."

This course may be taken as part of the AIChE Credential for Sustainability Professionals (ACSP). More info

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the anatomy of process safety incidents.

  • Judge the adequacy of safeguards.

  • Collect findings and give recommendations on topics related to HAZOP studies.

  • Apply HAZOP methods to procedure-based operations and batch-operations.

  • Discuss updates and variations in HAZAOP studies.

Who Should Attend:

This course is not intended to replace full HAZOP team leader (facilitator) training, but it is a good refresher for anyone who has led HAZOP Studies, as well as for:

  • HAZOP Study team members
  • Coordinators of process safety management programs
  • Professionals responsible for addressing the findings and recommendations generated by HAZOP Study teams

Unit One

  • Lecture One: Background, Boundaries and Basic Premise
  • Lecture Two: The Anatomy of Process Safety Incidents
  • Lecture Three: Developing Scenarios by HAZOP Study
  • Lecture Four: Continuous-Process Example
  • Lecture Five: Determining the Adequacy of Safeguards

Unit Two

  • Lecture One: Developing Findings and Recommendations
  • Lecture Two: Application to Procedure-Based Operations
  • Lecture Three: Variations on the Basic HAZOP Study Method
  • Lecture Four: Preparing For and Leading Team Reviews
  • Lecture Five: Updating and Revalidating HAZOP Studies

Final Exam: 40 Questions


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