Robert W. Johnson | AIChE

Robert W. Johnson

Process Safety Consultant

Mr. Johnson is a Fellow of AIChE and an industry leader in the development and dissemination of risk analysis methods and risk management strategies. Since 1978, Mr. Johnson has helped clients prioritize risk reduction options, develop corporate and plant technical safety programs, identify inherently safer processes, train PHA team leaders, and analyze fire, explosion, and toxic release hazards.

Mr. Johnson teaches AIChE continuing education courses on HAZOP Studies and on Advanced Concepts for Process Hazard Analysis, and teaches process safety in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at The Ohio State University. He is part of a team that developed and now presents U.S. State Department-sponsored international Chemical Safety and Security training workshops led by Sandia National Laboratories.

Among his many contributions to the loss prevention literature, Mr. Johnson was primary contractor of Guidelines for Hazard Evaluation Procedures, Third Edition and two books on chemical reactivity hazards, all published by the AIChE Center for Chemical Process Safety. He is also author of two process safety sections in Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook.

Mr. Johnson holds BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering from Purdue University. He is president of the Unwin Company consultancy, having previously held Senior Engineer positions with Hercules and DuPont and a Research Leader position at Battelle. He is past chair of the AIChE Safety & Health Division and serves as a member of the CCPS Safety and Chemical Engineering Education (SAChE) Committee.