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SAChE® - Managing Lab Process Safety 1

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This course presents a framework for managing process safety in the laboratory, building upon the concepts in ELA954 - Laboratory Safety.  ELA982 is the first course in a two-course series (ELA982 and ELA986) that describe how to manage process safety in the lab.  The CCPS Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) model serves as the foundation for managing lab process safety.  The two courses, Managing Lab Process Safety 1 and 2, each consist of two Units, with each Unit describing the application of one of the pillars of RBPS to lab safety.  The first two pillars of RBPS (Commit to Process Safety and Understand Hazards and Risks) and their application to lab safety management are covered in this course.  The final two pillars of RBPS are covered in ELA986.  

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Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

Unit 1:

1. Describe the importance of laboratory safety culture

2. Explain how compliance with standards reduces risk

3. Explain what safety competency looks like

4. Describe when workforce involvement has the greatest impact

5. Apply stakeholder outreach programs to laboratories

Unit 2:  

1. Identify and classify laboratory hazards

2. Analyze risks of lab operations

3. Apply control measures to reduce risk

4. Explain how to execute the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemicals

5. Comply with the chemical inventory system and labelling requirements

6. Describe roles and responsibilities related to risk control

7. Recognize signs and symptoms associated with chemical exposure

This course is targeted for chemical engineering students, graduate students, and faculty who work in a laborotory setting and have responsibility for managing lab safety. The target audience includes lab workers who have responsibility for performing hazard analyses and risk assessments, for designing or maintaining safeguards, or for writing operating procedures for lab-based activities.  

Unit 1:  Commit to Process Safety

The first unit in the course discusses the application of the Commit to Process Safety pillar of RBPS to managing lab safety.

Unit 2:  Understand Hazards and Risks

The second unit in the course discusses the application of the Understand Hazards and Risks pillar of RBPS to managing lab safety.

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