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SAChE® Certificate Program - Toxicological Hazards

Toxicology is the quantitative and qualitative study of the effects of toxicants on biological organisms. This intermediate course explains key concepts related to toxicological hazards. Students will be introduced to vocabulary used to describe specific toxic effects, as well as resources available to characterize the hazardous properties of chemicals. This course also covers how toxicants can enter biological organisms and how this information is used in the prevention and detection of toxic exposure. Finally, this course also lays the groundwork for other Level 2 courses by explaining how to calculate, estimate and communicate the values of airborne chemical concentrations in several release scenarios.

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Unit 1:

  • Define key terms associated with toxicological hazards
  • Identify information on a Safety Data Sheet (or SDS) and the NFPA Diamond to describe material hazards
  • Learn where additional toxicological information can be found
  • Apply relevant chemical and dust exposure limits to describe hazards
  • Calculate chemical concentrations in different unit set (like mass/volume and ppm)

Unit 2:

  • Describe the ways toxicants enter the body and study examples
  • Study examples of how to prevent toxicants from entering the body
  • Learn how dose-response data are created

Unit 3:

  • Estimate airborne concentration and liquid vaporization rate
  • Estimate the airborne concentration during vessel filling operations.

This intermediate course is for upper-level chemical engineering undergraduates who have had some exposure to process safety.

  • Unit 1 – Definitions and Overview
  • Unit 2 – Toxicant Entry Routes and Control Measures
  • Unit 3 – Assessing Airborne Toxicant Concentrations

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