Dennis Bernhard | AIChE

Dennis Bernhard

Dennis Bernhard is a retired Chemical Engineer, having spent 40 years working for Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.  In the first half of his career, he was a process engineer, responsible for the design of cryogenic processes for the separation of light hydrocarbons, hydrogen, methane, helium and other gases from natural gas, refinery gases, and other sources.   He moved into process safety in the second half of his career and was responsible for conducting PHA’s both for new as well as existing operating air separation and hydrogen plants, reviewing proposed changes in industrial gas plants, carrying out quantitative risk assessments, implementing programs to comply with the OSHA PSM and EPA RMP regulations, and devising hazard review techniques for established technologies, where many of the hazards or well known to those with experience.  Working with others in the industrial gas industry, he also led or participated in various Compressed Gas Association projects that resulted in publications intended to promote safe design and operating practices and compliance with process safety regulations.  He is the co-author of four patents for processes that separate hydrocarbon gases cryogenically.