Dr. David Shonnard | AIChE

Dr. David Shonnard

Professor & Robbins Chair
Michigan Technological University

Dr. Shonnard is professor and Richard and Bonnie Robbins Endowed Chair in Sustainable Use of Materials in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Michigan Technological University and director of the Sustainable Futures Institute. He has over 25 years of academic experience in sustainability issues in the chemical industry and green engineering. His research interests are in environmental fate and transport of pollutants, health risk assessment from pollutants in the environment, wood-based advanced biofuel processes, environmental life cycle assessments and techno-economic analyses of advanced biofuels. He has extensive experience in conducting experimental investigations and mathematical modeling of the transport and fate of pollutants in soils, sediments, groundwater, and in the surface boundary layer of the atmosphere. He is co-author of the textbooks "Green Engineering: Environmentally-Conscious Design of Chemical Processes", published by Prentice Hall in 2002, and "Sustainable Engineering: Concepts, Design, and Case Studies", published by Prentice Hall in 2012. Dr. Shonnard has co-authored over 200 peer-reviewed publications, conference proceedings papers, and technical reports and received numerous honors and awards for teaching and research into environmental and sustainability issues of the chemical industry.