Recognizing and Responding to Normalization of Deviance

August, 2018

This book provides an introduction and offers approaches for finding and addressing normalization of deviation both in operational and organizational activities. It addresses the initial and long-term effects of normalization of deviations as seen in reduced efficiencies, reduced product quality, extended batch run time, and near miss process safety incidents which can lead to loss of containment of hazardous materials and energies.

Recognizing and Responding to Normalization of Deviance addresses how to recognize and respond to the normalization of deviation that can, and almost certainly will, occur in any ongoing operations that involves humans. The book’s primary focus is on reducing the incidence of normalization of deviation and the associated increased risk exposure due to its effects when operating chemical or petrochemical manufacturing facilities. It contains an introduction to the concept and offers approaches for finding and addressing normalization of deviation when it presents itself in both operational and organizational activities.

  • Contains guidance to assist facilities in recognizing and addressing the phenomenon of normalization of deviation
  • Provides techniques for addressing normalized deviations and techniques to eliminate waste in all manufacturing processes
  • Describes methods for identifying normalized deviation as well as where to find deviations
  • Includes techniques to reduce operational normalization of deviance and to reduce organizational normalization of deviance

Aimed at process safety professionals and consultants applying process safety risk reduction efforts in manufacturing areas, Recognizing and Responding to Normalization of Deviance is an important book for any organization that has seen its process safety performance deteriorate over time.

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