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PERD Taxonomy

Last updated May 21, 2024

To effectively analyze equipment performance, basic information is needed that includes maintenance, inspection, process demand data, etc. representing a failure mode numerator and an applicable inventory population as a denominator. In order to facilitate analyses, a data structure (taxonomy) is necessary that allows sorting and the ability to select specific data of interest, such as types of design, operational and environmental conditions, etc.

Plant and equipment taxonomies developed by the CCPS Process Reliability Database Project (PERD), provide a comprehensive format to identify and characterize specific equipment/systems including the permutations that result from different entries into data fields for the same equipment type.

At the higher levels of the data structure, categorization relates to industries and plant operations regardless of the equipment systems involved. For these levels, the user inputs the appropriate choices from pick lists for each equipment system being tracked. In this way, development of the actual taxonomy for the specific application occurs.

PERD Taxonomies provide a fundamentally sound structure to capture and understand what the raw data means or represents. The taxonomy defines quality data, failure modes, causes, mechanisms, data field formats and other key performance indicators. The PERD taxonomies:

  • Help determine the "Right" data to collect
  • Provides standard industry taxonomy, data field formats and validation
  • Provides standard failure modes based upon rigorous and methodical functional analysis
  • Provides intelligent inference of failure modes

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