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Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) has become the primary forum for practitioners to share practical and technological advances in all aspects of process safety. CCPS conferences’ strong process safety program attracts international professionals to communicate the latest process safety developments to veterans and newcomers alike.

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Upcoming Conferences

10th Latin American Conference on Process Safety

September 18, 2024 to September 20, 2024
The Latin American Conference on Process Safety is part of CCPS' family of Global Congress on Process Safety. This conference, co-organized by IBP is part of CCPS' worldwide effort to prevent major accidents through promoting lifelong learning as well as continuous improvement in process safety.

8th Global Summit on Process Safety (8th GSPS)

November 26, 2024 to November 27, 2024
Launched in 2014, on the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, the CCPS Global Summit on Process Safety provides a common platform for process safety leaders from industry, government, and academia to share advancements in the field.

International Process Safety Week

December 2, 2024 to December 6, 2024
We invite you to participate in this week-long observance, filled with engaging activities and educational opportunities that will enhance our commitment to process safety.