CCPS Pharma, Food, and Fine Chemicals Meeting, September 2023 | AIChE

Join us on September 12 @ 10:00 AM EST

Registration by invitation only.

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Meeting Agenda:

  • PFFC Vision and how members can engage - Eric Freiburger, PFFC Chair 
  • How can we Learn? Case Study Review of AB Specialty Silicones with a breakout session.  - Lead by Amy Theis, AcuTech, and Sarah Eck, PFFC Vice Chair 
    • Themes include: 
      • Effective equipment design (e.g. ventilation and gas detection equipment)
      • Mixing of incompatible chemicals
      • Human Factors

Title: Do bad things always happen in 3’s? Learnings from a recent CSB Investigation

Presenter:  Amy Theis, PE, Principal Engineer/Group Leader, Reactive Hazards

Abstract: Is there truth to the myth that “bad things happen in three’s” or can we learn lessons to address common root causes of process safety events? Join us in learning from a recent CSB Investigation, presented by an experienced reactive chemical hazard advisor, Amy Theis.  Amy will review three key lessons and then it’s our turn – attendees will be asked to provide feedback to each other (and to CCPS) about what publicly available information helps prevent these incidents as well as what might be missing that would help companies be successful in operating safely and learning more about process safety hazards.   Breakout session results will be shared at the end of the presentation and published results in slide format will be available offline to CCPS members.

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