Guidelines for Design Solutions for Process Equipment Failures | AIChE

Guidelines for Design Solutions for Process Equipment Failures


August, 1998





While there is no "perfect" solution or absolute zero risk, engineering design can significantly reduce risk potential in the CPI. In Guidelines for Design Solutions to Process Equipment Failures, industry experts offer their broad experience in identifying numerous solutions to the more common process equipment failures including inherent safer/passive, active, and procedural solutions, in decreasing order of robustness and reliability. The book challenges the engineer to identify opportunities for inherent and passive safety features early, and use a risk-based approach to process safety systems specification. The book is organized into three basic sections: 1) a technique for making risk-based design decisions; 2) potential failure scenarios for 10 major processing equipment categories; and 3) two worked examples showing how the techniques can be applied. The equipment categories covered are: vessels, reactors, mass transfer equipment, fluid transfer equipment, solids-fluid separators, solids handling and processing equipment, and piping and piping components.

Special Details: Hardcover book plus 3.5" diskette for use in any word processing program with design solutions for use in PHAs.