CCPS Conducts Process Safety Bootcamp in Singapore for the First Time

April 9, 2013

CCPS conducted a Process Safety Boot Camp in Singapore on March 17-20, 2013 for the Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (Private) Limited (PCS). Louisa Nara and John Murphy served as instructors for this very successful training.

The first half day of the training was attended by PCS executive management including Mr Akira Yonemura, Managing Director, Mr Liew Jian Sheng, Deputy Managing Director, Mr Lucas Ng HK, General Manager (Plant).  Mr Bernard Leong LW, Health Safety & Environment Manager, was responsible for organizing the course and promoting discussion between the instructors and participants. He did an excellent job.

Mr Akira Yonemura, Managing Director kicked off the Boot Camp with a presentation strongly supporting the importance on process safety management to the success of the company. 

"This is an eye opener for me and enriched my knowledge into extended horizon on process safety management."

Participants were very engaged and enthusiastically asked questions and participated in the discussions and workshop exercises.

Mr. Luca Ng HK, General Manager (Plant), wrapped up the course thanking CCPS and the instructors and encouraged the participants to use the process safety knowledge gained from the training to improve process safety on their jobs. Since the course PCS management has conducted a gap analysis and has developed plans to improve the company’s process safety management programs.

Below are some selected quotes from the participant’s evaluation, in answer to the question:

Is this course useful for fulfilling your present job duties?

  • "It gave me heightened awareness about the underlying dangers if things in the plant are done without adequate forethought."
  • "This is an eye opener for me and enriched my knowledge into extended horizon on process safety management."
  • "It has raised my awareness on process safety so that I can implement and continuously improve process safety in my duties on instruments, systems and controls."
  • "It has given me a much deeper insight on what we can do for each aspect of the 20 key elements of the PSM System."
  • "Case studies enabled the participants to appreciate the sense of vulnerability in their own plants."

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