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4th Process Safety Management Mentoring (PSM^2) Forum

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    Hilton, Austin
  • PSM2 is dedicated to sharing all aspects of Process Safety Management in the oil, gas, chemical and allied industries with the next generation of professionals. PSM2 complements the objectives of the other three established symposia in AIChE’s Global Congress on Process Safety by focusing on the young practitioners and those new to the world of Process Safety, and by providing a forum where experienced professionals can share their experiences, discuss the role of mentors and mentoring as part of process safety management and career development, and help establish development strategies for academia, industry, and the individuals involved in Process Safety. PSMis a forum where Process Safety professionals at all levels can share their experiences and knowledge to help assure continuity of the profession and the safety of our plants.  PSM2 is accepting papers dealing with the fundamentals of the various aspects process safety management and mentoring practices and experiences. 

    "Sharing the basic facets of Process Safety Management with the next generation if professionals"

    PSM2 Chair

    Featured Topics

    Joint Session

    Call for Abstracts 

    PSM Careers

    This interactive panel discussion will bring an invited speaker panel to interact with the attendees and provide lessons from their careers.  The career panel discussion will open with one or more accounts of personal recognition of the gravity of PSM.

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    PSM Mastery - Specific Examples of the Four Pillars of Risk Based Process Safety 

    These sessions will provide specific examples from the four pillars of risk-based process safety:  1. Commit to process safety; 2. Understand hazards and risk; 3. Manage risk; and 4. Learn from experience.  Authors are encouraged to provide tutorial and explanatory content suitable for those with little prior experience in the fundamentals of process safety.

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    Guidelines for Effective Implementation of PSM 

    Successful PSM programs are well integrated into company and plant operations and have support of management and employees at all levels.  Papers in this session will focus on strategies to ensure successful implementation of PSM programs.

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    The Day PSM Hit Home 

    Experience is often the quickest and most effective way to learn.  Many process safety professionals have lived and worked through “learning experiences” that either gave them a quick introduction to PSM or made them realize just how critical a good program is.  This session will provide presenters an opportunity to pass those lessons on to some new in the profession.

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    Case Histories and Lessons Learne 

    This is always an important session that reviews significant incidents.  This session invites papers to help understand the causes and lessons learned from significant incidents.

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