4th CCPS Global Summit on Process Safety

September 12-13, 2017

Over the past several years Process Safety has taken on increased importance. Today companies large and small, in the traditional process industries and in emerging areas, all put a premium on improving their Process Safety performance.

Registration opens July 1st!

Abstracts will be presented on the following Featured Topics:

  • A Committed Culture and Process Safety Leadership
  • Advanced Safe Technology
  • Asset Integrity Management, Aging Facilities & Facility Siting
  • Cyber Security
  • Disciplined Adherence to Standards
  • Enhanced Applications of Lessons Learned
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Knowledge
  • Harmonization of Standards
  • Human Factors
  • Inherently Safer Design
  • Intentional Competency Development
  • Internet of Things & Big Data & Smartification
  • Kaizen 5 S
  • Meticulous Verification
  • Natural Disaster
  • Prevention of Runaway Reaction
  • Responsible Collaboration
  • Vibrant Management Systems

4th GSPS Highlights:

  • Pre-conference short courses on Process Safety!
  • Invited World Class International Process Safety Speakers
  • Leader's Panel Discussions on Process Safety entitled “How I drive Process Safety in my Organization”
  • Academia Panel Dicussions on Process Safety
  • Leadership Forum on Process Safety (Closed Doors): A novel feature of the Summit is a Leadership Forum, where 10-12 Industry leaders participate in open discussion, where they express their vision on the future of process safety and share their experiences on how they drive Process Safety within their organisations. The outcome of the discussions in the leadership forum will presented to the delegates in a plenary session announcing a call for action.
  • 2 days of Exhibitions from leading companies

Theme of the 4th CCPS Global Summit on Process Safety is “Process Safety Vision 2020”:

  • Global summit on process safety is one of CCPS initiatives to transform process safety vision 2020 into result oriented actions for achieving excellence in Process Safety.
  • Global Summit provides a common platform to Process Safety leaders and experts from industry; government & regulatory authority and academia to share advancements in the field of Process Safety, both through formal paper presentations and informal discussions.
  • Perceived outcome include Knowledge sharing, awareness and uniting for the common cause of process safety.

Who Should Attend?

  • Process Safety Leaders, Process Safety Practitioners
  • Operations, Maintenance and HSE Disciplines
  • Industry Associations
  • Academic Institutes
  • Regulatory Authorities

Organized By

Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)             Japan Society of Safety Engineering (JSSE)         Center for Safe and Disaster-Resistant Society, Okayama University

Supported By

Japan Petrochemical Industry Association