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Project 289: Golden Rules of Process Safety for Specific Technologies

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One of the most critical aspects of Process Safety is to know the hazards that one is dealing with, yet in too many incidents we realize that there was a knowledge gap in understanding the hazards. The goal of this project is to identify two to three technologies (e. g. FCC operations, Chlorine Chemistry, Nitration Chemistry, Peroxides, Combustible Dust, etc..) that have seen numerous incidents, have high hazards, and/or are highly utilized and Organize a team of process safety and process technology experts to develop a set of rules and tenants that serve the foundation for process safety.  

The rules and tenants are based on absolute statements to address the inherent hazards associated with the process technology (e.g. One should never mix A and B together, One should always check grounding connections, etc). The goal is to add to these initial technologies over time and develop an online library and also posters and other communication channels to communicate the message to a broad range of audiences (engineers, operations personnel, management).

This product will use technology as the foundation platform.

We are looking for expertise on: Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, Ethylene Oxide, FCCU, Hydrotreating, and Alkylation

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July 31, 2020