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CCPSf: CCPS Process Safety Fundamentals Certificate Program

CCPSf, the CCPS Process Safety Fundamentals Certificate Program, is a new opportunity to advance your career, discover job opportunities, and gain recognition. 

The CCPS Process Safety Fundamentals Certificate Program (CCPSf) is designed for students, early career professionals, and anyone who intends to build their process safety competency. It is ideal for the mid-career professional who is adding process safety responsibilities to their job. If your goal is increasing your process safety knowledge, then CCPSf is right for you.

CCPSf Courses

The CCPS Fundamental (CCPSf) recognizes those individuals who focus on process safety either in their education or employment, who have taken the 24 (SAChE) courses listed in the CCPSf program, and who intend to continue increasing their process safety knowledge.

Finishing the certificate program is based on the completion of 24 Safety and Chemical Engineering Education (SAChE) courses, grouped into five sections of 3–6 courses each:

  • Process Safety Basics
  • Introduction to Hazards
  • Understanding Risk
  • Practical Applications for Managing Risk
  • Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) Pillars
Credit is given for any courses already completed. If you have already purchased any of the courses within this program, please contact to receive a discount. Students will be required to pay a $100 administration fee, but the actual courses are free for students. The prorated discount does not apply to the student fee, as it is already greatly discounted.

Why Apply?

The self-paced courses are aligned with the CCPS RBPS Elements and will start the Early Career Professional on the path to the CCPS Process Safety Professional Certification (CCPSC).

  • Early Career Chemical Engineers
  • Early Career Process Engineers
  • Early Career EHS Professionals
  • Students interested in incorporating Process Safety into their curriculum and future career

Level 1: Process Safety Basics

  • ELA 950               Introduction to Process Safety
  • ELA 951               Hazard Recognition
  • ELA 952               Identifying & Minimizing Process Safety Hazards
  • ELA 953               An Introduction to Managing Process Safety Hazards
  • ELA 954               Introduction to Lab Safety
  • ELA 975               Process Safety Ethics – A Brief Introduction (Level 3)

Level 2a: Introduction to Hazards

  • ELA 961               Toxicological Hazards
  • ELA 962               Chemical Reactivity Hazards
  • ELA 963               Fire Hazards
  • ELA 964               Explosion Hazards
  • ELA 965               Source Models
  • ELA 967               Atmospheric Dispersion

Level 2b: Understanding Risk

  • ELA 969               Understanding Hazards & Risk
  • ELA 970               Hazards and Risk: What Can Go Wrong?
  • ELA 971               Hazards and Risk: Introduction to Pressure Protection
  • ELA 973               Hazards and Risk: Safeguards Other Than Relief Systems
  • ELA 974               Hazards and Risk: Introduction to Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis

Level 3a: Practical Applications for Managing Risk

  • ELA 980               Review Using Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
  • ELA 984               Inherently Safer Designs
  • ELA 985               Practical Process Safety 1
  • ELA 987               Practical Process Safety 2

Level 3b: RBPS Pillars

  • ELA 995               Risk Based Process Safety - Commit to Process Safety
  • ELA 997               Risk Based Process Safety - Manage Risk: Operations 
  • ELA 999               Risk Based Process Safety - Learn from Experience 

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