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SAChE® - Understanding Hazards & Risk

Designed for juniors and seniors who are enrolled in upper-level chemical engineering classes, this course explores the most technical of the four pillars of Risk-Based Process Safety (RBPS): “Understand Hazards and Risk.” Part one, Process Knowledge Management, details the most important elements of process knowledge, how to manage it and measure its effectiveness. Part two explores the major techniques and tools associated with Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA). This lecture will illustrate how the various HIRA tools are used to discover potential hazards and how these tools fit into the overall RBPS system. By focusing on understanding hazards and risk, students will gain important knowledge about how to prevent catastrophic incidents. 

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Unit 1:

  • Understand the function and importance of the Process Knowledge Management element in the Process Safety Management (or PSM) System
  • Understand the most important items of process knowledge
  • Distinguish some key process related diagrams
  • Understand the major PSM elements which interact with Process knowledge Management
  • Identify useful metrics to assess the effectiveness of Process Knowledge Management

Unit 2:

  • Understand the function and importance of the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (or HIRA) element
  • Understand the major process safety management system elements which interact with HIRA
  • Recognize the major HIRA techniques
  • Describe useful metrics to assess the effectiveness of HIRA
  • Understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative HIRA methodologies
  • Understand at what point in the process life cycle the various HIRA methodologies are most effectively employed

Students who have had some exposure to process safety. This would typically be students in the upper levels of the chemical engineering curriculum, i.e., juniors and seniors. 

  • Unit 1 –Process knowledge Management
  • Unit 2 – Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

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