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SAChE® - Identifying & Minimizing Process Safety Hazards

When working with potentially hazardous materials, it’s important to have the right tools to handle them. This introductory course reviews the tools with which students will need to be familiar in order to identify, minimize and manage process hazards. Students will explore what “inherently safer design” means, and will learn about consequence and risk. Additionally, this course takes hazards into the real world with the introduction of initiators and a case study of an accident. 

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Unit 1:

  • Describe the differences between inherently safer, passive, active, and procedural approaches when designing for safety.
  • Given a safety design, classify it among these four distinctions
  • List the four action words for inherently safer design and give examples of implementation of each action word

Unit 2:

  • Define ‘hazard,’ and ‘consequence,’ and ‘risk’
  • List examples of qualitative and quantitative hazard identification methods
  • Identify the major differences between HAZOP, What-If, Fault Tree and LOPA

Unit 3:

  • Explain the difference between a hazard and an initiator
  • Identify the initiator(s) in a case study of an accident

This course is designed to be of particular interest to those who have little or no previous exposure to process safety – that is, primarily students early in their undergraduate chemical engineering curriculum. The concepts covered here are at a basic level.  The course is intended to be taken in combination with other related SACHE courses, providing the background necessary for students to begin the study of process safety.

  • Unit 1 – Inherently Safer Design
  • Unit 2 –Identification of Hazards and Risks
  • Unit 3 –Examples: How Initiators Turn Hazards Into Incidents

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