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A Practical Guide to Techno-Economic Analysis


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This course introduces the role and practice of Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) and its connections to process design and economics, and business planning, while discussing issues of capital intensity and process intensity as they relate to conventional and modular chemical processes. 

TEA analysis—important at all stages of technology readiness for both developers and investors—combines conceptual process design and production cost estimation to inform technology and business development plans, and position a new technology for early scale-up. It is also important for both developers and investors, though in different ways.


    In this course, you will learn how to:

    • Gain insight into the economic side of process development.
    • Discover how to quickly assess the theoretical limits of a proposed conversion process.
    • Learn where to look for cost information and how to critically apply it.

    Upper level undergraduate and graduate students, plant and project managers, R&D engineers, technology managers

    1. Module 1: Introduction and Fundamentals
      1. Motivation
      2. What is techno-economic analysis (TEA)?
        1. For developers
        2. For investors
        3. Important distinctions (what is it not?)
      3. TEA scope by technology readiness level (TRL)
      4. Technical analysis methodologies
        1. Principles of yield and conversion
        2. Process simulation
      5. Economic analysis methodologies
        1. Capital cost estimation
        2. Operating cost estimation
        3. Profitability evaluation
    2. Module 2: Practical Case Studies
      1. Case Study I: TEA of conventional process
      2. Case Study II: TEA of new process (with MCPI example)
      3. Sensitivity analysis techniques
      4. Sustainability analysis techniques


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