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Introduction to Modular Chemical Process Intensification


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This eLearning course provides students with a first introduction to Modular Chemical Process Intensification (MCPI) We start with definitions and classifications of MCPI and Process Intensification (PI) and design for MCPI, and then move up to component manufacturing and modular skid construction. 

Module 1 introduces a taxonomy for classifying PI and MCPI technologies and demonstrates Time Scale Analysis as a tool for identifying PI opportunities. It also introduces Microscale-based Chemical Process Technology as one design approach for MCPI.

Module 2 explores the dependencies or interconnections between chemical process development and component manufacturing. We discuss how manufacturing process capabilities can strongly influence the design of an MCPI component.

Lastly, Module 3 looks at modularity in the form of a process skid, shares considerations when working with an EPC to construct a skid module, and shows examples of PI and MCPI successes. The course wraps up by sharing some important questions to ask when beginning to evaluate if MCPI could provide benefits for your chemical process or within your company.


  • Define MCPI and the larger taxonomy of PI. For example, how do you categorize MCPI and other technologies in the wide spectrum of PI? When is utilizing MCPI appropriate and why?
  • Explain the concept of Characteristic Times and begin to use Time Scale Analysis as a PI tool to identify targets in a process or technology. Demonstrate microscale-based chemical processing as a design approach to address MCPI targets.
  • Introduce major aspects of component manufacturing process design including design requirements, process selection, and manufacturing cost. 
  • Describe the interconnections between process design and component manufacturing, and their effect on each other and on cost, including plant capital cost and plant operating cost. You will see challenges that can arise and the necessity to integrate “design for manufacturing” with process development
  • Describe key considerations as you move from component manufacturing to implementing a chemical manufacturing module
  • Identify drivers and strategies for existing MCPI implementation or development, which can guide you through the steps to take after this eLearning course.


Upper level undergraduate and graduate students, plant and project managers, R&D engineers, technology managers

Unit 1: Introduction to PI and MCPI

Unit 2: MCPI and Design, Manufacturing, and Cost

Unit 3: Examples of MCPI Implementation


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