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Intensified Reaction Processes

This online course provides learners with a basic understanding of process intensification (PI) principles applied to reaction processes and spans the topic from a basic introduction of PI principles to emerging intensified reactor concepts. In this 4-hour course, you'll gain a fundamental introduction to basic PI principles as well as the intensification of reactive processes from a fundamental engineering perspective as well as a business perspective. Additionally, you'll learn about the intensification of reactive processes via the intensification of both heat and mass transfer. Finally, you'll review novel modes of energy transfer and activation of chemical reactions (such as radiation or electrochemical activation).


  • Describe how enhancing and balancing the rate of fundamental steps (chemical reaction, heat-, and mass transfer) is key to PI, and select approaches to achieve such enhancement.
  • Explain why synergistic integration of unit operations - such as reaction plus heat exchange or reaction plus separation - enables PI and support your explanation with examples.
  • Select an intensified process to overcome thermodynamic limitations of reactive processes.
  • Explain how novel modes of equipment operation can yield intensification.
  • Classify and select novel equipment for intensification or reaction processes.
  • Explain the inherent limitation of using thermal energy to activate reactions.  Describe and select novel forms of activation can overcome these limitations.

Upper level undergraduate and graduate students, plant and project managers, R&D engineers, technology managers.

Module 1: Introduction and Fundamentals

  • Process Intensification Principles
  • Intensified Kinetics: Catalysts
  • Intensified Processes: Continuous Operations

Module 2: Reaction and Heat Transfer Limitations

  • Intensifying Heat Transfer via Maximizing the Heat Transfer Area
  • Making Heat Transfer Volumetric

Module 3: Reaction and Mass Transfer Limitations

  • Intensifying Reactions via Enhanced Reaction Mixing
  • Intensifying Reactions via Coupling of Separation and Reaction

Module 4: Intensification via Novel Forms of Activation

  • The Limits of Thermal Activation
  • Cavitation Reactors
  • Microwave Reactors
  • Photocatalytic Reactors
  • Electrochemical Reactors

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