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Chemical PE Exam Review Course

You have decided to become a professional engineer (PE) - showing a commitment to yourself, your employer, and the public.  Passing the Principles and Practice of  Engineering Chemical Exam (also known as the PE Chemical Exam) is a critical and necessary step in becoming a PE.  There are many benefits to becoming a licensed professional engineer, including potentially greater job mobility and the ability and to work as an independent consulting engineer in industry.

AIChE’s review course is designed to help you pass the PE Chemical Exam.  The material has been selected to align with exam topics published by NCEES, the creators of the exam.

Throughout the course, instructor Dr. Harvey Hensley, will cover key subjects that you may have forgotten since your graduation, and problems are designed to emulate those on this computer-based test (CBT). The timed quizzes are a key feature of the course, as you will practice working the problems under the time constraint you will experience during the PE Chemical Exam.

TESTIMONIAL: "The AIChE PE prep course was my primary study tool and I condensed the material into a shorter window of time in an effort to have the freshest refresh possible at the time of the test. I highly recommend this course to others who prefer to study at their own pace and have the discipline to read and practice the material on their own. The PE Course was very helpful for me.It covered all the main topics for the exam. The practice problems were to the point and relevant for the examination. Practice those problems along with the explanation from the teacher/coordinator and you will do well!! Many thanks for those that prepared this course."

- Irina, PE Chemical

What you can expect:

Type: Online PDF lectures, sample problems with solutions, timed quizzes, and a final exam

  • Format: Materials are presented in easily read, scrollable, and searchable files
  • Practice: Use the reference manual that you will use on the NCEES computer-based test
  • Comfort: Learn that you can comfortably work the exam in the time allotted

Topics covered in the course:

  • Mass/Energy Balances
  • Thermodynamics
  • Fluids
  • Heat Transfer
  • Mass Transfer
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering (Kinetics)
  • Plant Design and Operations

Time Commitment

You can expect to spend approximately 70 hours in order to successfully complete the course, with the goal of passing your exam. The course is self-paced so you can set the number of hours/week that best fits your needs.  A typical range is 4 hrs/week (for 18 weeks) to 9 hrs/week (for 8 weeks).


  • Relearn material from undergraduate classes that you have not used on-the-job
  • Learn the types of problems and questions to expect on the PE exam
  • Learn how to find material in the NCEES Chemical Reference Handbook
  • Learn that you can comfortably work the exam in the time allotted

Eligibility to take the PE Chemical Exam

B.S. or equivalent degree in chemical engineering with preferably four or more years of relevant engineering work experience. More information can be found on the NCEES website.

Module 1:  Mass and Energy Balances

Module 2:  Thermodynamics

Module 3:  Fluids

Module 4:  Heat Transfer

Module 5:  Mass Transfer

Module 6:  Chemical Reaction Engineering (Kinetics)

Module 7:  Plant Design and Operation

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