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Properties and Hazards of Hydrogen

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This course describes fundamental properties of hydrogen, compares those properties to other fuels, and describes specific hazards to be addressed with hydrogen systems.

Center for Hydrogen Safety

This course is presented by the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS). CHS is a global oriented non-profit dedicated to promoting hydrogen safety and best practices worldwide.

The CHS identifies and addresses concerns regarding the safe use of hydrogen:

  • As a sustainable energy carrier
  • In commercial and industrial applications
  • In hydrogen and fuel cell technologies
  • Gaseous and liquid hydrogen’s characteristics and behaviors
  • The differences and similarities of hydrogen and conventional fuels
  • Hazards associated with hydrogen

This course is intended for everyone.

  • Module 1: Properties of Gaseous Hydrogen
    • Properties of Gaseous Hydrogen
    • Weight/Buoyancy
    • Size/Diffusion
    • Energy
    • Embrittlement
    • Asphyxiant
    • Flammability
    • Gaseous Hydrogen Metrics
  • Module 2: Properties of Liquid Hydrogen
    • Properties of Liquid Hydrogen
    • Cryogenic Liquid Hydrogen
    • Liquid Hydrogen Hazards
  • Module 3: Comparing Hydrogen to Other Fuels
    • Comparing Hydrogen to Other Fuels
    • Hydrocarbon Fuels
    • Hydrogen Compared to Other Common Fuels
    • Toxicity
    • Flammability
    • Vapor Density / Buoyancy
    • Leaks
    • Energy
    • Color / Odor
    • Autoignition Temperature
    • Burning Velocity
    • Metal Embrittlement
  • Module 4: Hydrogen Hazards
    • Types of Hydrogen Hazards
    • Hydrogen Gas Leaks
    • Hydrogen Gas Flammability and Ignition
    • Hydrogen Ignition Sources
    • Hydrogen Flames
    • Incident: Fire at a Hydrogen Fueling Station
    • Hydrogen Explosions
    • Types of Hydrogen Explosions
    • Unignited Release
    • Ignited Release
    • Example: Hydrogen Complex Hydrogen Explosion - Ignited Release
    • Deflagration and Detonation
    • Incident: Hydrogen Tank Leak, Fire, and Explosion - Unignited Release
    • Liquid Hydrogen - Additional Concerns
    • Characteristics of Liquid Hydrogen Leaks

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