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The Hydrogen Economy Program

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This micro-credentialing program, presented in collaboration with the University of Houston, delivers a multi-disciplinary understanding of challenges and solutions to develop a viable hydrogen economy. Apply for considerations via the form below.

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Applications due by August 1, 2024.

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Program Duration: August 19, 2024 – November 13, 2024

Program Overview:

Energy professionals – current and future – have to be informed and equipped for an industry that is in transition. The Hydrogen Economy is an essential program to meet this need for an important component of the evolving global energy system. Designed and presented by leaders from industry and accomplished faculty from the University of Houston, the program provides a unique balance of industrial expertise and academic rigor.

The Hydrogen Economy is offered jointly by the University of Houston and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Successful candidates will receive digital badges from UH Energy and certificates of completion from AIChE for the completion of each of the three course modules.

Credentialing Overview:

This micro-credentialing program provides a comprehensive understanding of the hydrogen economy's challenges and solutions, taught by industry leaders and esteemed faculty from the University of Houston, located in the Energy Capital of the World. The program consists of 15-hour modules with digital badges, and three badges earn participants a "Silver Belt" from UH Energy, along with certificates from AIChE, all endorsed by the University of Houston for resume credentials.


The Spring 2024 cohort of The Hydrogen Economy offers a flexible learning experience that combines both real-time (synchronous) and self-paced (asynchronous) elements. Synchronous sessions are weekly 1-hour Zoom meetings on Monday evenings (6:00-7:00 pm US Central Time) for updates, guidance, and Q&A. Asynchronous components include e-learning modules with recorded lectures, notes, pre-read documents, and quizzes to be completed between Zoom sessions.

Dates for the Zoom sessions are:

Orientation Session: AUGUST 19

Badge 1 - Hydrogen Production: AUGUST 26 | SEPTEMBER 4 | SEPTEMBER 9

Badge 2 - Hydrogen Transportation, Safety & Use: SEPTEMBER 23 | SEPTEMBER 30 | OCTOBER 7

Badge 3 - Commercial Opportunity for Hydrogen†: OCTOBER 21 | OCTOBER 28 | OCTOBER 4 |

† Much of Badge 3 consists of a capstone project. Additional synchronous sessions may be needed for project reviews. Capstone project presentation days: NOVEMBER 11 | NOVEMBER 13

All dates are subject to change.


  • Complete Program Price (3 badge program): $2,970
  • Discounted Price for AIChE Members and UH Alumni: $2,770
  • Individual Badge Price: $1,100 per badge

*Promotional discounts do not apply to this program

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Why This Program?

The energy transition is in progress, and the world is grappling with the energy trilemma: How can we supply energy that is affordable, accessible & reliable, and environmentally responsible, for everyone? There is no single solution to this formidable challenge; but hydrogen is a key component of most credible sustainable energy scenarios, with up to 10-fold growth projected for a global energy system that will increase less than two-fold over the next 30 - 50 years.

Hydrogen is currently used heavily in the process industries, and it is seen as a significant future replacement option for the fossil fuels that are now used in power generation, transportation and industry. However, most hydrogen today is produced from fossil energy sources. It will need to be decarbonized if it is to take its place as a dominant player in sustainable energy.

This interactive, online educational program shares insights into the technology, economics, policy, and business drivers and barriers for hydrogen, both in the short term and in the long term. It examines hydrogen’s production, transportation, safety, use, and commercial opportunities, and considers both onshore and offshore applications. It also includes a capstone project to consolidate the learnings, and to better equip you, as an energy professional, with skills, knowledge and expertise to thrive in the Hydrogen Economy.

Learning Objectives

After successfully completing this program, participants will be able to understand:

  • Key characteristics and drivers for hydrogen as the decarbonization fuel of choice
  • Fundamentals for the existing hydrogen market, and how it is poised to change
  • Policy and strategy: Critical factors in building The Hydrogen Economy
  • Hydrogen as a means for transporting and storing renewable energy
  • Current and emerging options for producing hydrogen, including offshore options
  • Basics of hydrogen safety
  • Technical options for storing and transporting hydrogen, including decision factors
  • Fuel cells and their roles in transportation, in the electric grid, and in domestic and commercial power supply
  • Hydrogen fueled vehicles – from forklifts, trains and ships to aircraft
  • Hydrogen as a fuel to decarbonize industry
  • Trade-offs for use of hydrogen vs. electrification vs. advanced renewable hydrocarbon fuels as vectors for decarbonization


In addition to CEUs and PDhs, this program will offer Silver Belt badges.

Credentialing Overview:

This micro-credentialing program delivers a multi-disciplinary understanding of challenges and solutions to develop a viable hydrogen economy, and it is taught by world class instructors, including leaders from industry and the marketplace and accomplished faculty from the University of Houston, the Energy University, in the Energy Capital of the World.

The program is offered in 15-hour modules, each over a 3-week period. Digital badges are awarded for each module, and a set of 3 badges earns you a “Silver Belt” from UH Energy. You will also receive a set of certificates of completion from AIChE.

The Hydrogen Economy is a standalone program. However, it is also a Silver Belt Program within the Sustainable Energy Development portfolio. The introductory Sustainable Energy Development Bronze Belt, followed by two additional Belts (Silver or Gold) lead to the coveted UH Digital Certificate in Sustainable Energy Development. The badges and belts provide a permanent record, endorsed by UH Energy and the University of Houston, that can be made a part of your resume to credential your new skills.

Silver Belt

This Silver Belt program builds upon the introduction to the energy transition given in the Bronze Belt in Sustainable Energy Development.

It provides a deeper look at hydrogen – one of the most promising vehicles for decarbonizing the global energy system. The three badges explore hydrogen production, hydrogen transportation, safety and use, and the commercial opportunity for hydrogen. A capstone project is included, to consolidate the multidisciplinary learnings of this exciting new program.

The Hydrogen Economy Program has been designed with two distinct groups in mind:

  • Those of you already in the energy industries are seeing significant changes almost daily. The Hydrogen Economy Program will provide the new information, new insights, and new skills you need to manage the new demands that are placed on you as you play your part in the Energy Transition
  • Those of you readying yourself for an energy career need to prepare for a dynamic, exciting and challenging professional life. The Hydrogen Economy Program provides a unique perspective and skillset, giving you a competitively advantaged competence as you enter the energy marketplace

Credentialing Program Prerequisites:


  • Rising senior in a bachelor’s degree program or graduate student; business, engineering, or technology preferred.
  • Industry professional
Badge 1: Hydrogen Production
Badge 2: Hydrogen Transportation, Safety & Use
Badge 3: Commercial Opportunity for Hydrogen

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