The CCPS Safe-Holiday Guide

The holidays should be time for rest, celebration, and family, but one accident can ruin everything. Here are a few tips to keep the holidays safe:

  • Make sure cut trees are kept well watered.  A dry tree is more highly combustible.
  • Make sure all lighting wires are in good condition.  If you find a string of lights with bare wires or cracked insulation, remove it from service, cut the wire in several places, and throw it away.
  • Avoid adding wine or other alcoholic beverage to any dishes placed in the oven. A flammable or explosive atmosphere could be created.
  • Make sure turkey deep fryers are kept well away from the house, and never used on a wooden deck.
  • Drink responsibly, and identify a designated driver.
  • Do not try to reenact a college bowl game in your family room.

These Safety Tips for the Holidays brought to you by AIChE's Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS).  CCPS is an organization of more than 150 member companies dedicated to creating ongoing improvements in chemical process safety.

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