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Process Safety Moments

CCPS Process Safety Moments are customizable short presentations on process safety that have been put together by the CCPS Process Safety Beacon committee.

We encourage people to download, use, and distribute these presentations to help promote process safety awareness and knowledge.  Use of the presentation is free of charge, we just ask that while using these materials you please cite CCPS as the source.  For more information on how to most effectively use these Process Safety Moments.

Instructions for Process Safety Moments

Currently, the Process Safety moments are available for download in the PowerPoint file format.

Process Safety Moments Available:

June 2010

Wrong material in the wrong tank: A fatal reactive chemistry incident (English)

Produto errado no tanque errado: um acidente fatal de reação química (Brazilian Portuguese)

June 2012

Mechanical Integrity of Tubing: Tubing Failures (English)

For more information about the process safety resources CCPS has available, Process Safety Moments, or to volunteer to translate a CCPS Process Safety Moment, please contact CCPS at or at +1-646-495-1371.