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Process Safety Metrics

Identifying and using relevant process safety metrics over the life of a process is one of four elements in the RBPS pillar of Learning from Experience

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Leading and Lagging Indicators for Process Safety Performance

To continuously improve upon process safety performance, it is essential that companies in the chemical and petroleum industries implement effective process safety metrics. CCPS has filled this need through a diverse, international effort leading to the publication of recommended process safety metrics. The recommended metrics can be reviewed in the documents below: 

April 2018 Version 3.2 (Update to the 2011 Version of "You Don't Improve What You Don't Measure" Document)

Jan 2011 Versions 2.0

Other available resources include:

Safety Alerts

CCPS offers short process safety communications to aid industry in implementing elements of a good process safety program. These documents may be freely printed, downloaded, and shared. If you have ideas as to topics that would make good Safety Alerts, please send an email to

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