Safety & Health Division (S&H)

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Chartered: 1979

Dues: $45

Welcome to the Safety & Health Division community site.

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The December 2019 S&H Division Virtual Meeting has been held.

If you missed this meeting,  Play Recording to access the recording of this 1.5 hour meeting. 

Mr. John Champion provided an update on the Division

Mr. Don Abrahamson spoke on Management of Change (MOC) Learning from the API Process Safety Site Assessment Program (PSSAP)

Mr. Steve Emerson spoke on The Importance of Mechanical Integrity

Dr. Chris Cloney spoke on Lessons Learned From 119 Years of Dust Explosion Incidents

May 2019 AIChE S&H Division Virtual Meeting

If you were unable to join our May virtual meeting, Play recording to access the recording of the 1.5 hour meeting. 

Our topics and speakers were:

Industrial Cybersecurity Issues by John Cusimano, Vice President of Industrial Cybersecurity for aeSolutions

Cultural Cause Analysis by Laura Jackson, Director/Principal Engineer, ABS Group

Process Safety Ethics by Deborah Grubbe, Owner and President, Operations and Safety Solutions, LLC

December 2018 Virtual Meeting

If you were unable to join our December virtual meeting, Play recording to access the recording of the meeting.  Our speakers were:

Dr. Kristen Kulinowski, Interim Executive, U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) – Dr. Kulinowski spoke on the how the CSB has been driving chemical safety change for the 20 years. She also highlighted a company involved in a CSB investigation that implemented recommendations above and beyond what the CSB recommended and the many positive impacts those recommendations have had for the company.

Dr. Scott Davis, President, Gexcon – Dr. Davis spoke on combustible dust hazards and explosions. His presentation contains videos of explosions in equipment showing the propagation of dust explosions in and outside of process equipment.

Mr. Mark Druex, Partner, Arent Fox LLP – Mr. Druex spoke on the recent court case involving RAGAGEP and what you should be doing for PSM at your facility in regard to the rulings in this case.


2020 Global Congress on Process Safety

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the 2020 GCPS in Houston, Texas, March 29 – April 2, 2019, 16th GCPS 2020.

For those interested in learning more about Process Safety, please note that the AIChE/CCPS Process Safety "Boot Camp" is a great opportunity for you to learn about Process Safety fundamentals.  The calendar dates for these four-day sessions can be found at the following website: CCPS Boot Camps.