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Process Safety Division Members

The Process Safety Division has reinvigorated its committees with a number of new chairs and members that will be sharing their plans and work. All committees welcome additional members. If interested in learning more about the Division, feel free follow up with Division Leadership, Lisa Long ( and Phil Myers ( You may also contact our committee chairs for more information or to volunteer. 


PSD Committees and Contacts

Careers and Education Committee: Jennifer Mize,

Publications Committee: Bruce Vaughen,

Collaboration Committee: Irfan Shaikn,

IDEAL Committee: Katie Mulligan,

Nominating Committee: Wayne Chastain,

Idea Exchange Committee: Laura Ankrom,

Awards Committee: John Herber,

This 5-day virtual Boot Camp covers the fundamental concerpts of process safety, why effective process safety management systems are needed, and why process safety is important as an operating principle, not just as a regulatory requirement.

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