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If you were unable to join our December virtual meeting, see the link below to access the recording of the meeting.

Our speakers were:


Dr. Kristen Kulinowski, Interim Executive, U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) – Dr. Kulinowski spoke on the how the CSB has been driving chemical safety change for the 20 years. She also highlighted a company involved in a CSB investigation that implemented recommendations above and beyond what the CSB recommended and the many positive impacts those recommendations have had for the company.

Dr. Scott Davis, President, Gexcon – Dr. Davis spoke on combustible dust hazards and explosions. His presentation contains videos of explosions in equipment showing the propagation of dust explosions in and outside of process equipment.

Mr. Mark Druex, Partner, Arent Fox LLP – Mr. Druex spoke on the recent court case involving RAGAGEP and what you should be doing for PSM at your facility in regard to the rulings in this case.


Click here to access the link to access the recording the meeting by Play recording.

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For those interested in learning more about Process Safety, please note that the AIChE/CCPS Process Safety "Boot Camp" is a great opportunity for you to learn about Process Safety fundamentals.  The calendar dates for these four-day sessions can be found at the following website: CCPS Boot Camps.

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