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Perspectives on Process Safety from Around the World

  • Sunday, March 26 - CDT CDT

    Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX
  • Perspectives on Process Safety from Around the World is consist of sessions that strive to provide a space for different regions around the world to get together at the Global Congress and discuss the issues that are significantly impacting the development in Process Safety in their regions, considering the particular needs of language, and cultural characteristics of each one. 

    RPPS Chair

    Encouraged session topics for this symposia include:

    Process Safety Activities in China 

    This session will focus on process safety activities in China. The Chinese culture has its characteristics compared with the developed countries, the PSM is just a pretty new term issued by Chinese government even though most enterprises have their own HSE management system. The papers combined with latest PSM principle into the existing enterprises are highly recommended. The incorporation of US PSM with Chinese culture for some joint ventures will be useful to promote the development of PSM and prevent the major incidents in China.

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    Korean Experience of Process Safety Management(PSM) and Future Challenges

    Korean PSM regulation started in 1995 and there are various kinds of favorable results such as decrease of chemical accident and building safety culture, etc. After HF release accident in 2012, Korean Risk Management Plan (RMP) regulation was introduced in order to manage chemical risk in residential area.
    In this Korean session, the experience and effectiveness of PSM will be introduced and also the future challenges to harmonize with RMP in terms of relieving burdens to the industries.

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    Spanish Session: Compartiendo conocimientos y experiencias sobre Seguridad de Procesos

    Invitamos a compartir conocimientos y experiencia sobre Seguridad de Procesos, ya que es la base para una mejora continua en nuestros sistemas de gestión y la prevención de accidentes industriales. En esta sesión se podrán compartir presentaciones sobre: manejo de riesgos, manejo del cambio, indicadores de gestión, cultura de seguridad de proceso y lecciones aprendidas. Es un ámbito propicio para tomar contacto con profesionales de habla hispana especialistas en temas relacionados con la Seguridad de Procesos.

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    Portuguese Session: Compartilhando conhecimentos e experiências de Segurança de Processos

    Convocamos para apresentação dos trabalhos relacionados com Segurança de Processos,  para contribuir na melhora continua dos sistemas de gestão e que permitam a prevenção de acidentes. Nesta sessão poderão se apresentar trabalhos abordando identificação e análise de riscos, gerenciamento de mudanças, cultura de segurança, lições aprendidas e outros associados à Segurança de Processos.  Este espaço se constitui em uma oportunidade para se conhecer com outros fomentadores de Segurança de Processos na América Latina (no Brasil) por ocasião do Congresso Global, é procurar o apoio na construção de redes de troca de informações que respondam às demandas específicas de Segurança de Processos, em Português.

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    Case Histories - GCPS Joint Session

    Reviews of process safety incidents provide valuable learning opportunities.  This session invites papers to help understand the causes and lessons learned from incidents in the industry with an emphasis on events that have helped define and develop the process safety field over the years. 

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