Safety Communication: What Works Best

Monday, September 15, 2014, 3:30pm-5:00pm ART

Safety Communication: What Works Best

Presented by Dr. TJ Larkin, Communications Expert, Larkin Communication

Dr TJ Larkin, an expert in employee communication, will show the effectiveness of different types of safety communication.  For example:

  • safety posters reduce accidents by 2%
  • classroom safety courses reduce accidents by 5%
  • large corporate safety campaigns reduce accidents by 13%
  • face-to-face communication, delivered by the supervisor to his/her frontline team, reduces accidents by 42%

Dr Larkin digs underneath to show why these different sorts of communication have different size effects.

Finally, Dr Larkin shows how to get more supervisor safety communication in your company.

Este sesion será dictado completamente en Inglés. This session will be presented in English.

Traducción simultánea español-ingles estará disponible. Spanish-English simultaneous translation will be available.


TJ Larkin

TJ helps large companies improve their safety communication.  Clients include: Boeing, BP, ExxonMobil, GM, Monsanto, Petrobras, Shell, and Vale.  TJ (with Sandar Larkin) wrote the McGraw-Hill bestseller: Communicating Change.  Their paper, “Reaching and Changing Frontline Employees,” in the Harvard Business Review sold more than 40,000 reprints.  TJ has a Ph.D. in communication from Michigan State University, and a B.Phil. in sociology from the University of Oxford.Read more