Pre-Conference Course: Process Safety Metrics & Recognizing Catastrophic Incident Warning Signs | AIChE

Moderator: Louisa Nara


Brief Introduction:


Process Safety Metrics (AM)

Industry regulation related to process safety is at an all-time high. Every operator is committed to safety and risk avoidance. So why do the incidents and accidents still happen? An essential element of any improvement program is the measure of existing and future performance. Therefore, to continuously improve upon process safety performance, it is essential that companies in the chemical and petroleum industries implement effective leading and lagging process safety metrics. This workshop is intended to provide hands on knowledge on measuring process safety metrics and using these metrics to help companies improve their process safety performance. The workshop will provide a brief tutorial and metrics overview. It will review the efforts CCPS, API, AFPM and  others  have  done  to  develop  a  system  to  measure  both  leading  and  lagging indicators and  it will provide a more detailed understanding on the most commonly used metrics tool: API-RP-754.

Recognizing Catastrophic Incident Warning Signs (PM)

This facilitated workshop will provide practical guidance and experience sharing on Recognizing Catastrophic Incident Warning Signs. Identifying these subtle indicators of weaknesses in existing business processes and safety programs is an excellent way to drive continued improvement in your process safety program. Catastrophic incidents do not just happen; they often result from weaknesses in management systems used to control an operation. Often, weaknesses provide warning signs – subtle or not-so-subtle indicators that something is wrong or about to go wrong.

Workshop Fees: US$ 250 per delegate


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