Christoph Wittmann | AIChE

Christoph Wittmann

Professor and Director of Institute for Systems Biotechnology
Saarland University

At present, Christoph Wittmann is professor and director of the Institute of Systems Biotechnology at Saarland University, Saarbrücken. Prior to his current position, he received his PhD in biotechnology at the German Research Institute for Biotechnology (GBF) in Braunschweig, was postdoc at the University of Helsinki, professor for biotechnology at Münster University, professor and director of the Institute of Biochemical Engineering, as well as co-founder of the Systems Biology Centre and the Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering at Braunschweig Technical University in Germany.

Prof. Wittmann has co-authored about 200 research papers and more than 10 books (h-index 54). He is inventor of about 30 patents, which are mainly in the area of metabolic engineering and industrial strain and process development. He has received the PhD Award of the German Research Institute of Biotechnology and the Young Scientist Award of the European Federation of Biotechnology. He is contributing to different journals as associate editor and editorial board member, including Metabolic Engineering, Biotechnology Journal, and Microbial Cell Factories. His research interests are systems and synthetic biotechnology, fluxomics and metabolomics, metabolic engineering and industrial biotechnology with a focus on white biotechnology.