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Overview of Hazard Analysis for Hydrogen Applications

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Hydrogen systems pose their own unique hazards which increase the costly risk of unplanned releases, fires and explosions. In this webinar, you’ll delve into hydrogen-specific risk analysis, including when and how to use it to protect your people and equipment.  

In one and a half hours, you’ll learn about hydrogen-specific risks which you should incorporate into the design and operation of your hydrogen systems. You’ll review the considerations to make and available tools to use when doing a hazard analysis for hydrogen combustion applications. You’ll also investigate different types of hazard analysis, and get a handle on the pros and cons of each.  

If you’re involved in reviewing or conducting hazard analysis or designing and operating hydrogen systems, take this webinar designed for engineers, scientists, hydrogen producers, users and transporters, and others. You’ll walk away with tools, lessons learned and a new understanding of hazard analysis for hydrogen applications and how to make your systems safer.

You’ll learn how to:  

  • Analyze risk in hydrogen systems and components
  • Differentiate different types of hazard analysis and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Gather lessons learned from incomplete risk analysis
  • Understand the shortcomings of common risk analysis tools for analyzing hydrogen-specific safety
  • Approach hydrogen combustion risk analysis 

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