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IDEAL Conversations: Negotiation Strategies: What are the best practices to advocate for yourself?

It is well-established that the wage gap impacts many under-represented groups in engineering (e.g., women, LGBTQ+, under-represented minorities). For many professional engineers, the most significant time to address compensation (both salary and other benefits) is during the initial negotiation of a contract or startup package. Despite the importance of initial negotiations and the impact they have on future earning potential, many early career professionals have little to no training or advice on how to best navigate this process. 

This webinar will discuss the importance of negotiations, particularly for early-career individuals. Panelists from industry (Gayle Gibson, Darlene Schuster) and academia (Elizabeth Nance, Christina Chan) will answer questions including: What can be included in a negotiation discussion? What are the best strategies to prepare for a negotiation? How do I know what I can ask for? Attendees will be able to submit their own questions, and the overarching goal is to identify new tools and resources to assist with future negotiations.


  • First 5-10 mins: Introduction to negotiation challenges / setting the stage for panelists
    • Overview of statistics: 
      • Wage gap
      • Differences in Startup funds/benefits based on gender identity
    • Overview of what can be negotiated: 
      • Relocation/moving
      • Housing
      • Partner hires / accommodations
    • Long-term projection: 
      • Why does negotiating matter at the start of a career? (e.g., emphasize how now is the time to influence long-term earning potential)
  • Next ~5 mins: Panelist Introductions
  • Remaining ~30-40 mins - Panel Discussion


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Originally delivered on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, 12:00pm EDT.
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