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Empathic Engineering

How can empathy and persuasiveness help you become a better engineering professional and face the challenges of the 21st century? Find out in this webinar where you’ll explore how durable and other people-related and soft skills can help you achieve successful and sustainable engineering work and interdisciplinary teamwork.

Whether you’re new to innovation or experienced, tune into this webinar. In one hour, you’ll walk through an innovative guide to problem-solving based on stories from scientists and company founders and insight from scientific peer-reviewed publications. You’ll get a feel for what different engineers do and think and how their companies develop. In addition, you’ll understand why and how to balance your leadership toolbox with empathy, knowledge and persuasiveness.

You’ll be inspired by the thorough scientific research, personal experiences of the presenter and conversations and short interviews. And, by the end of the session, you’ll be ready to apply what you’ve learned to kick-start or continue your own innovation journey.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Criticize the definitions of engineer and entrepreneur
  • Apply the three ingredients of knowledge, persuasiveness and empathy 
  • Use a new framework to solve problems of a different nature
  • Decide which indicators to use to calculate for different solutions or alternatives, apply them in making decisions and assess the applicability of a given solution
  • Explain the guide to innovate 
  • Summarize and interpret tips from examples of professional trajectories told by innovators about their journeys
  • Interpret and criticize a list of concepts and tips to start or keep innovating, with a focus on STEM-related activities
  • Recognize and assess the risks of certain behaviors when working alone or in teams towards a societal-relevant solution with impact on the environment and society


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    RAPID - RAPID Manufacturing Institute for Process Intensification
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