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Accelerating Antibody Discovery with Cell Free Protein Synthesis and Automation

The rapid discovery and development of antibody drugs against novel targets has never been more important. While advances in synthetic selection and antibody repertoire mining have enabled the rapid identification of candidate binders, the expression and evaluation of candidate antibodies still remains a major bottleneck in the discovery pipeline due to labor-intensive steps and process-throughput mismatches. This webinar details an innovative workflow that enables the expression and evaluation of hundreds of antibodies in a single experiment. 

The new workflow consists of a cell-free DNA assembly step to generate antibody expression templates, a modified E. coli cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) system to express antibodies, and the AlphaLISA protein-protein interaction assay to evaluate binding. The workflow is capable of processing ten times the number of candidates in less than one-third of the time when compared to comparable cell-based methods. 

Scientists, professors, and researchers in the pharmaceutical sector should attend this webinar to learn more about these innovative tools. You’ll learn: 

  • The importance of neutralizing antibodies as a therapeutic modality for emerging viral pathogens
  • The bottlenecks in current antibody discovery pipelines
  • The basics of CFPS and how it can be used to screen and manufacture antibodies
  • How process bottlenecks can be alleviated with CFPS combined with an Echo® acoustic liquid handler


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