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Distillation Technology for Operators

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Gain an understanding of the theory underlying successful distillation processes – and beyond theory, learn what actually happens in a column.

This online course covers a wide range of topics – from basic column design to installation, start-up, shutdown and more. Your instructor, a distillation technology expert, will detail the critical aspects of operating principles common to most distillation operations, regardless of the distillates being produced.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe distillation technology basics and how they apply to your distillation system.
  • Explain the basic fundamentals of distillation and the distillation process.
  • Discuss what tower internals are and their use in distillation columns including trayed and packed columns.
  • Explain how to inspect distillation equipment; check internals installation; understand the basics of start-up/shut-down; and preliminary distillation column control.
  • Outline the principles of column operation as it applies across a range of products.

Who Should Attend:

  • Engineers or chemists who troubleshoot difficult distillation problems in plant or who conceptualize difficult distillation problems in the engineering office or laboratory
  • Distillation veterans
  • Distillation newcomers with a few years of experience

Unit 1

·        Lecture 1 – Beginning Principles

·        Lecture 2 – The Distillation Process

Unit 2

·        Lecture 1 – Overall System Design

·        Lecture 2 – Tray Columns

·        Lecture 3 – Packed Columns

Unit 3

·        Lecture 1 – Installation, Startup, Shutdown

·        Lecture 2 – Troubleshooting

·        Lecture 3 – Distillation Column Control

Module quizzes and a Final Exam are featured

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