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Overview of Risk Based Process Safety


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This course will introduce you to CCPS’ Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) approach, including the four pillars and twenty elements that define the structure for the RBPS approach.  Developed especially for companies to train employees in the basics of Risk Based Process Safety, this course will serve as an excellent starting point for the exploration of the steps and procedures involved in providing a safe operating environment.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • List the four pillars and 20 elements of risk-based process safety.

  • Explain the significance and importance of the 20 elements.

  • Apply the basic understanding of the RBPS to your workplace.

  • Discuss the underlying factors of the 20 different elements.

Who Should Attend:

Those involved in designing, implementing and maintaining a successful process safety management system including:

  • Process safety specialists and process safety managers
  • Operations and plant managers
  • Engineers and supervisors

Day One

  • Introductions: Class and Instructor

  • Introduction to Risk Based Process Safety

    • Concepts of Process Safety

    • Anatomy of an Incident

    • Loss of Containment

    • Prevention Loss of Containment Events

    • Mitigation of Loss of Containment

    • Introduction to Management Systems

  • The Four Pillars and 20 Elements of Risk Based Process Safety
    • Pillar One: Commit to Process Safety
      • ​Element One: Process Safety Culture
      • Element Two: Compliance with Standards
      • Element Three: Process Safety Competency
      • Element Four: Workforce Involvement
      • Element Five: Stakeholder Engagement
    • ​Pillar Two: Understanding Hazards and Risk
      • ​Element Six: Process Safety Knowledge Management

Day Two

  • Pillar Three: Manage Risk
    • Element Seven: Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis
      • ​Probability
      • Risk Analysis
      • Risk Acceptance and Management
    • ​Element Eight: Operating Procedures
    • Element Nine: Safe Work Practices
    • Element Ten: Asset Integrity and Reliability
    • Element Eleven: Contractor Safety Management
    • Element Twelve: Training and Performance Assurance
    • Element Thirteen: Management of Change
    • Element Fourteen: Operational Readiness
    • Element Fifteen: Conduct of Operations
    • Element Sixteen:Emergency Management
  • Pillar Four: Learn From Experience
    • Element Seventeen: Incident Investigation
    • Element Eighteen: Measurement and Metrics
    • Element Nineteen: Audits
    • Element Twenty: Management Review/Continuous Improvement

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