Meeting Presentations & Minutes

Meeting Presentations




Texas Board of Professional Engineers Professional Practice Update / Ethics Dr. Lance Kinney November 11th, 2019
Wines 101 - Grape Growing, Making, & Pairing Bob Stevens October 23rd, 2018
SortLogic: A Startup's Story Max Fleming September 25th, 2018
Sustainability in the Context of Process Engineering Dr. Debalina Sengupta October 27th, 2017
Air Quality Environmental Permitting, Regulations & Industrial Market Changes Brian Burdorf October 27th, 2017
Climate Change...a review Andy Moore September 26, 2017
Presentation on Renewable Fuel Standard Status Elizabeth Hibourn January 27, 2015
Presentation on Nano-Diamonds in Lubrication Applications Jason Ballengee January 28, 2014
Turner Mason Company: The North American Oil Boom and Its Impacts Downstream   John R. Auers October 23, 2012
Presentation on Halliburton Corporation Patrick Crawford  
Construction Project Documentation for Efficient Cost Control  Robert McCullough  
Presentation on Fracking, Part II Rick Middaugh  
Presentation on Fracking, Part I Rick Middaugh  
Management of Change Don Abrahamson April 24, 2012
Worksheet for Hazard Review Level Determination Don Abrahamson  

Meeting Minutes