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Process Safety and Risk Management of Chemical Parks

The European Process Safety Center began addressing the issues surrounding industrial/chemical parks a number of years ago. It organized a workshop on “Management of Industrial Parks” (Feb. 20, 2001 at Clariant, Sulzbach/D) and a second workshop on “Major Accident Hazards and Chemical Parks” (June 22, 2004 at Deltalinqs, Rotterdam/NL). EPSC was also represented at a seminar on “Industrial Parks and Multi-Operator Sites” (Oct. 15, 2003; Cagliary/IT), organized by the Committee of Competent Authorities Responsible for the Implementation of Directive 96/82/EC. EPSC commissioned this report to make available the existing knowledge about process safety and risk management issues of chemical parks. The Center for Chemical Process Safety in the US became interested in the process safety issues surrounding chemical parks, especially the due diligence process, through a series of internal workshops over the last few years. It decided to join with the EPSC to support the development of this report since many of its member companies exist in Europe and the US. Although the primary focus of the book is on process safety and risk management, other health, safety and environmental (HSE) issues are also mentioned. The report is based on the experience especially in Germany, where the discussion of these issues seems to be have the longest tradition. As the legal framework in this area is widely harmonized in the European
Union (EU ) the statements in this report should be applicable at least in all member states of the EU. However, it is strongly recommended to verify at least all legal statements in any specific case.

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