CCPS Project Roles & Responsibilities | AIChE

CCPS Project Roles & Responsibilities

CCPS Planning Committee

  • Determine the need for the Project and approve appropriate ones
    • Review existing Guidelines and Concept series books and projects to prevent duplication and/or contradictions
  • Establish scope and intended audience
  • Develop detailed outline
  • Decide how the project will be configured - written, video, training tools, web based, etc.

The CCPS Project Process

  • Solicit volunteers for the subcommittee
  • Develop an RFP if a consultant will be used
    • Review RFP with CCPS Director
    • Establish project schedule, deadlines and deliverables
    • Send RFP to potential contractors –allow ~30 days for the bids
    • Conduct bid analysis and select contractor
    • Negotiate contract and secure CCPS Director approval
  •  Develop glossary, definitions and bibliography
  • Regular subcommittee review and adjustment of drafts and schedules
  • Peer review of final draft
    • Consider/respond to review comments
    • Respond to peer reviewers as appropriate
  • Develop contract with publication manager
  • Send publication-ready draft to publisher

Subcommittee Responsibilities

  • Affirm the need for the project
  • Define project scope and objectives
  • Prepare a detailed outline and decide how project will be developed (i.e. written, filmed, etc.)
  • Review and approve Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Identify contractors, review their proposals and recommend awarding of contract
  • Meet or teleconference/web conference as required to keep the project moving and on schedule
  • Review and edit the draft products as they are  prepared
  • Evaluate and respond to (peer) review comments
  • Note:  Subcommittee meetings are usually led by the subcommittee chair

Subcommittee Chair Responsibilities

  • Develop, maintain, and communicate a clear vision of the project
  • Preside over, lead and manage meetings, teleconferences, web conferences, etc.
    • Work with the CCPS Staff Consultant to schedule and scope meetings
    • Help decide on meeting agenda and venue (teleconference, Web meetings, face-to-face, etc.)
    • Facilitate issues resolution (with assistance from CCPS Staff Consultant)
  • Keep the project on topic and productive by focusing discussions and reminding members to stay on point
  • Ensure all subcommittee members have opportunities to participate/discuss issues
  • Review the RFP and preside over/chair the meeting for the approval of the RFP
  • Preside over/chair the meeting with prospective contractors
  • Preside over/chair the meeting for the selection of a contractor
  • Chair discussion of resolution of (peer) review comments
  • + All responsibilities of a Subcommittee member

CCPS Staff Consultant Responsibilities

  • Represent CCPS
    • Ensure antitrust rules adherence
    • Manage budget
  • Facilitate meetings
    • Make all teleconference, web conference, hotel and/or meeting room arrangements
    • Prepare agenda in consultation with the subcommittee chair and distribute before meetings
    • Document attendance and decisions made 
    • Prepare and distribute meeting minutes to subcommittee members and to appropriate CCPS staff
    • Keep a list of project tasks/assignments and persons responsible for them
  • Provide guidance and facilitate the work of the subcommittee and Chair as necessary
  • Decide when the subcommittee is closed to new participants---when detailed is completed.
  • Develop a draft of the Request for Proposal for the subcommittee to review
  • Negotiate a contract with the successful bidder and secure approval from the CCPS Director
  • Approve invoices
  • Officially close the project at completion

Estimated Time Commitments (Not Including Travel)

  • Planning committee member:
    • 8 hours, every month
  • Chair:
    • 2 hours,  every week
  • Staff Consultant:
    • 4 hours, every week
  • Subcommittee member
    • 4 hours, every month