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CCPS Fellows Program

CCPS is supported by its corporate members, but CCPS’ success depends heavily on the expertise, labor, and dedication of its volunteer leadership. CCPS has initiated a peer-recognition program to honor the leaders among its membership, recognizing individuals that exhibit extraordinary dedication to their field and commitment to CCPS. Those recognized under this program would be designated “CCPS Fellows.” Recognition as a CCPS Fellow may be accorded to currently active members, to inactive or retired members who meet the criteria, and posthumously to members who have made significant contribution. Although the criteria are written in the presence tense, they apply to past service of retired or inactive members and to those recognized posthumously.

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Selection Process

Candidate evaluation is done twice a year by a CCPS review committee, typically composed of 6-8 active CCPS Fellows. The committee bases its decision on select criteria designed to highlight the individual’s leadership standing amongst his/her CCPS peers. 


CCPS Fellow selection criteria focus on four general categories including:

  • Active participation over time: Extent of participation on committees, speaking and leading sessions at TSC meetings, leadership of CCPS strategy and project selection. Three to five years would seem to be the minimum time needed to develop the kind of track record needed, but no specific minimum is established. However, length of service within CCPS is a key factor in the selection process and years of service will count highly when distinguishing between candidates.
  • Contribution: What is the continued impact/outcome of individual’s participation?
  • Loyalty: When involved in CCPS activities, does individual take act as a strong ambassador and/or spokesman for CCPS?
  • Community: Does the individual bring other participants from their company? Are they willing to share their expertise and time to promote the overall community of process safety?

Nominate a Fellow

Do you have a colleague that actively participates and contributes to CCPS? Are they a strong ambassador and bring in other participants from their company? Do they share their expertise and time to promote the overall community of process safetY?

Benefits of being named a CCPS Fellow

Honors bestowed upon the Fellow includes a letter to the individual’s company explaining their involvement in and dedication to CCPS and process safety; recognition at TSC meetings; an honorary Fellows plaque and recognition on the CCPS website.


An eligible candidate must be employed by a CCPS member company at the time of nomination or must have been employed by a CCPS member company when active, and must work or have worked in the field of process safety. In addition, CCPS staff, CCPS Emeritus and CCPS staff consultants are eligible candidates.

The number of Fellows honored at any given TSC meeting will be limited to a maximum of three individuals in order to maintain value. Of the three, one honoree may be either no longer active or posthumous.

Initiation and Control of the Program

The first five Fellows needed to establish the selection committee were chosen by the CCPS staff (in NY as well as staff consultants.) These individuals were honored at the April 2007 TSC meeting. This group met subsequently and selected the next batch of Fellows, who were named at the November 2007 TSC meeting. Subsequent honors may be awarded at April meetings, November meetings, or both. To maintain consistency and impartiality, the Fellows Program will be run and maintained by existing, active Fellows.

Fellow Selection Committee

All active Fellows are welcome to serve on the Fellow Selection Committee as long as they continue to meet the Fellow eligibility criteria. The Fellow Selection Committee will be selected by the active Fellows, with one of the Fellow Selection Committee being selected as Chairman. Note that Fellow status will not be revoked when the Fellow ends participation in CCPS; they will just not be able to participate in selection of other Fellows.