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Material Compatibility Considerations for Hydrogen

Originally delivered Mar 30, 2022
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    Archived Webinar
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    1 hour

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As you design or evaluate systems operating in hydrogen environments, could there be important issues you’re not considering? Issues that could potentially result in inappropriate material selections—and unforeseen incidents? Join us on March 30th to find out.

In one hour, you’ll learn how to identify material compatibility issues that are often associated with hydrogen exposure and how to reduce the chance of incidents caused by improper selection. With a focus on metallics and polymers, this webinar will investigate the interactions with hydrogen that lead to degradation of material properties. You’ll hear examples from the real world of service failures and gain lessons learned you can apply in your own work. From hydrogen embrittlement of metals to hydrogen safety, this webinar will bring you up to date on current research and where it’s headed, test methodologies and their results, and more. In addition, a Q & A will tackle questions you may have as an operator, engineer, code official, regulator, stakeholder or designer of hydrogen systems.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Select materials when designing or evaluating hydrogen systems
  • Understand the importance of material selection in the design of hydrogen systems
  • Identify which materials are impacted by hydrogen
  • Apply lessons learned from real-world examples of material compatibility issues

Kevin L. Simmons

Kevin is Chief Material Scientist and Team Lead Polymer & Composites at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He has worked on a wide variety of projects for nearly 30 years ranging from vehicle light-weighting to pressure vessels for hydrogen storage to hydrogen compatibility. He was the task lead for the Department of Energy's multi-lab, multi-company Hydrogen Storage Engineering Center of Excellence for hydrogen pressure vessels, containment, and balance of plant components.Read more

Brian Somerday

Brian is a Materials Engineering Consultant with Somerday Consulting, LLC. Prior to forming his consulting business, he was a Principal Engineer at Southwest Research Institute, where his applied research projects focused on characterizing environment-assisted cracking of structural alloys in aqueous and gaseous environments. Brian has 25 years of experience in mechanical metallurgy with a focus on environmental effects on fracture and fatigue of structural alloys.Read more



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