Chemical Reactivity Management

Originally delivered May 10, 2017
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Could there be potential reactive hazards in your facility you’re not aware of? Don’t let undesired reactions lead to uncontrolled situations and reactive chemical incidents.

In this ioKinetic sponsored webinar, learn an approach to identifying and characterizing reactive materials and how to reduce the risk associated with chemical handling, including runaway incidents and explosions. Examine how to select appropriate test methodologies and use them to identify potential reactive hazards. Discover experimental design concepts and data analysis using instruments such as Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Thermogravimetric Analysis, Accelerating Rate Calorimeter, and Automatic Pressure Tracking Adiabatic Calorimeter. This webinar also provides an overview of tests results and how to use test data to manage hazards of reactive chemicals.  

Take a look at your agenda:

  • Understanding OSHA standards related to highly hazardous chemicals
  • Experimental design concepts and data  analysis with instruments
  • An introduction to thermal hazard, chemical reactivity and basic calculations
  • Mitigating the hazards of handling reactive chemicals: Determining your next steps

Michelle Murphy

Ms. Murphy is a partner of ioKinetic, LLC, headquartered in Salem, New Hampshire. Michelle is an expert in process safety and risk management and currently manages chemical reactivity and combustible dust characterization testing. Her areas of expertise include combustible dust hazard management, reactive chemical evaluation, kinetic modeling, reactive vent size evaluation, process safety management, and process hazard analysis (PHA). Her process safety work has been conducted throughout the chemical and oil and gas industries, including specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, oil...Read more



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