Genomatica: 15 Year Journey (and counting)

  • Type:
    Conference Presentation
  • Conference Type:
    Metabolic Engineering Conference
  • Presentation Date:
    June 15, 2014
  • Duration:
    1 hour
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As a founder and CEO, Christophe Schilling has led Genomatica from a developer of metabolic engineering tools to a position of leadership in biotech processes for the production of major chemicals – with multiple customers, $125 million in equity investments, and numerous awards for their technology, commercialization results and corporate culture.

Please join Christophe as he takes you on a 15 year (and counting) personal tour of his experiences. How did Genomatica go from pioneers in the commercial application of computational modeling of metabolism for the life sciences to the choice of a specific business strategy focused on developing and licensing process technology for chemical production, and the addition of experimental capabilities, process engineering and other core strengths? Christophe will speak to the technical, business and people issues that come up when starting with an idea, building a company, raising money, getting customers, and more. He’ll also share his personal view of where metabolic engineering can ‘most readily’turn into economic value – and what it takes to do so.


Christophe Schilling

Christophe founded Genomatica in 1998. Since being named CEO in May 2009, he has led Genomatica to widespread recognition as a leader in industrial biotech, with a commercialized first process and plant (for 1,4-butanediol), a second process in early commercialization (for Brontide™ butylene glycol, winner of the ICIS Innovation Award), and multiple leading partners.

The company has earned awards for industry impact (ICIS Top40 Power Players six years in a row, and highest rating for sustainability technology in 2017 ICIS survey), engineering (Kirkpatrick Award), science (EPA...Read more