Colonial Pipeline Tank Fire: Planning, Preparation and Execution – Keys in Preventing Disaster in Tank Farm Fire

Source: AIChE
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    6 minutes
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    Academy Video
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7/7   in the series CCPS 7-minute Video Series

When an emergency occurs in industry, we must respond swiftly and effectively to minimize the impact to people, property and the environment. This video shows how one of CCPS’ member companies, Colonial Pipeline, did just that.

A lightning strike to a large storage vessel, containing flammable materials, resulted in an immense fire in the tank farm area, which is near the local interstate highway. 911 calls and interviews with emergency responders and plant management review the incident and response as it unfolds.

This is an excellent example of trained and competent personnel reacting to an emergency in an efficient and effective way – the way they were trained to react. No individual was injured in this event due to the quick and specific action of the emergency response team. Our thanks to Colonial Pipeline for allowing us to share this example.