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CCPS 7-minute Video Series

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    Academy Video Series
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CCPS created the 7 minute seminar with the goal of creating a large database of short seven minute videos that quickly inform a plant manager, engineer or operator about a specific piece of equipment. In 7 minutes professionals can have a “Take two for Safety” where they will review the mechanics and science behind the equipment of interest. This reference database will help eliminate simple mistakes caused by employees which lead to mechanical failures and potentially bigger catastrophes.

Pressure Safety Valve

Academy Video
1/7   in the series CCPS 7-minute Video Series
A pressure relief valve is a type of valve used to control or limit the pressure in a system. It is generally considered your last line of defense in...

Walk the Line

Academy Video
2/7   in the series CCPS 7-minute Video Series
Walk the line is a description of all of the things that operators do to make certain that they understand where energy will go when transferred. It...

Spinning Disc Model

Academy Video
6/7   in the series CCPS 7-minute Video Series
This video was developed to help explain a few basic principals in the identification process safety risk. It describes a model that explains several...