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Attention eLearning Users

We are upgrading our learning platform! As a result, if you have a course in progress, you'll need to complete it by December 24, 2021. Otherwise, you will need to restart the course beginning January 5, 2022 on our new platform. Repurchasing will not be necessary. Contact customer service with any questions.

  • Bioprocessing Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    Learn about cells-therapy bioprocessing, drug discovery, viral contamination in manufacture of biologics, chimeric proteins and industrial systems biology in this webinar bundles.
  • Computing & Systems Technology Division Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    View this special grouping of past webinars on the subject of emerging computing and systems technologies, including topics on Big Data, Modeling Tools, Manufacturing Technologies, and more.
  • Food Engineering Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    Learn more about the Food engineering including wine, beer and flavors.
  • IMES Metabolic Engineering Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    Hear from the current and future leaders of metabolic engineering as they discuss how the field has progressed, and its most exciting new developments. These presentations are from conferences and webinars organized by the International Metabolic Engineering Society (IMES). The AIChE Webinar...
  • Materials Engineering and Sciences

    Webinar Product Bundle
    This webinar bundle includes 12 webinars centered around topics within Material Science and Engineering, including biomaterials, nanomaterials, electronic materials, and more.
  • Stem Cell Engineering Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    Learn about stem cells and the microenvironment and biomaterials necessary for their self-renewal, differentiation and utilization.
  • Water Concerns in Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    This informative webinar bundle looks at the history, state of development and future directions for extraction of natural gas shale through hydraulic fracturing. Emphasis is placed on environmental and water impacts of “fracking” and associated water use and management options and challenges. The...