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  • Biofuels Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    Hear about present and future challenges and technologies related to the biofuel production, utilization and implementation through a series of 11 interesting webinar.
  • Carbon & Climate Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    This webinar bundle on the topic of Carbon & Climate will teach you about reducing material and energy consumption as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Also learn the latest research results regarding air quality implications of shale gas development, and learn to promote technologies to mitigate the consequences of global warming.
  • Data as a Digital Asset

    Webinar Product Bundle
    This webinar series explores the idea of data as a digital asset, for improved decision-making, enhanced insights, and greater scope of effectiveness for the manufacturing and processing industries.
  • Energy Markets Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    View this special grouping of past webinars on the subject of Energy Markets and review the complex relationship between the chemical industry and market demands. These webinars will also describe and evaluate the technical, political, and economic challenges involved with widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies.
  • Future Technologies

    Webinar Product Bundle
    Water aiding in space exploration, rethinking what constitutes "fuel" production, energy storage directions, and more are covered in this curated series of webinars pertaining to "Future Technologies," and the role they play in the field of Environmental Engineering.
  • Green Crude

    Webinar Product Bundle
    This bundle provides a conscious look at the design and commercialization of fuel processes and products as it pertains to the environment. We have curated a selection taking a look at common practices, future innovations, challenges in sustainability, and more to provide a comprehensive...
  • Petroleum & Chemical Manufacturing Industry Plant

    Petroleum & Chemical Manufacturing Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    Globally, fuel and petrochemical manufacturers prepare, implement and practice for digital transformation advancements, increased production, emergency situations, and the disruptive fight against COVID-19. This bundled webinar series provides exposure for anyone interested in petroleum and...
  • Waste Management

    Webinar Product Bundle
    Understand the nuances of waste management pertaining to the environment with this curated webinar bundle series.
  • Water Concerns in Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    This informative webinar bundle looks at the history, state of development and future directions for extraction of natural gas shale through hydraulic fracturing. Emphasis is placed on environmental and water impacts of “fracking” and associated water use and management options and challenges. The...
  • Water Energy Nexus

    Webinar Product Bundle
    The convergence of water and energy. This bundle provides a look at the production, issues, and challenges posed, for the sustainable development of energy.
  • Water Resilience

    Webinar Product Bundle
    Water is undoubtedly one of the most vital natural resources. The treatment, usage, allocation, reuse, and so many other challenges pose consideration for how we treat this resource. This curated selection of webinars covers case-study examples, technological applications, metrics, processes, and...