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Project 255: Evergreen LOPA/IPL Database

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Provide up-to-date, reviewed / approved datasheets of IEs and Independent Protection Layers (IPLs) and perhaps Conditional Modifiers for use in basic Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA), and perhaps beyond basic LOPA.  The site could contain downloadable tools, such a blank IPL forms, IPL & IE checklists, etc.  The datasheets will be like those in the upcoming Guidelines for IEs and IPLs (2011), but will be kept evergreen.  This will be an evergreen appendix to the LOPA books.  Access will be online via by password, which expires each year.  It is anticipated that will be an ongoing project, with a volunteer committee of subject matter experts from member companies. Based on the committees analysis and recommendations, oversight / upkeep of the database could be by a contractor [(must follow the bid process) or a CCPS Staff Consultant (similar to the Process Safety Beacon).

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July 11, 2016
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